July 2020: Our research on 3D regulatory hubs in early developmental decisions is funded by an R01 from NIGMS. So excited to dive into the organizational principles and the functional impact of these hubs!!! So many reasons to celebrate finally in person! Let's sail!
May 2020: Dylan is selected for the T32 Training Grant in Developmental & Stem Cell Biology. So many reasons to celebrate!
March 2020: Laurianne is awarded a fellowship from the Lymphoma Research Foundation  for her efforts to dissect the stem-like properties of Germinal Center B cells and their implications in lymphoma. In addition, she obtained a Core Facility seed grant  from the Cornell Center for Immunology! We are so proud of you!!!
September 2019: Effie presents at the CSHL Stem Cell Biology meeting
September 2019: Our paper on 3D-enhancer rewiring during reprogramming is out in Nature Cell Biology. Great work everyone!
Link for commentary: here 
July 2019: Boaz is awarded an MTOR T32 training grant for his project on mechanisms of imprinting maintenance. Congratulations!!!
June 2019Farewell lunch and rowing at Central Park for Dafne! We miss you already!
May 2019: Effie presents at the EMBO 3D genome workshop at Kyllini. Magical place and incredible audience!
March 2019Bobbie is awarded an NIH F30 Fellowship from the National Institute for Child Health & Human Development (NICHD) for her work on Mitotic Bookmarking. Congrats Bobbie!
November 2018: Bobbie & Dylan present at the PBSB graduate student retreat. Congratulations to Bobbie on being runner-up for the best oral presentation!
November 2018: Veevek joins the group as lab manager and research technician. Welcome Veevek!
October 2018: The second annual Joint Lab Retreat with the Barbieri, Piskounova, Dow, and Nowak labs in Monroe, NY.
Lots of great brainstorming sessions over pizza & beer!
August 2018: Welcome Dylan! A new graduate student from the Weill Cornell's PBSB program joins the team.
March 2018: Our paper on Mitotic Bookmarking is among the 10 Best of Cell Reports in 2017! 
Download the PDF to see all 10 articles: here 
January 2018: Yiyuan & Effie are authors on a research paper published by the Stadtfeld Lab in Cell Reports. Great job!
Link for the article: here 
January 2017: The first annual Joint Lab Retreat with the Barbieri & Dow labs in the beautiful Rhinebeck, NY.
Three days of science, lounging by the pool, chalk talks, and s'mores.
September 2017Effie is a speaker at the 4th annual Stem Cell Biology conference at CSHL.
August 2017A new computational postdoctoral fellow joins the lab from Greece. Welcome Alex!
July 2017Bobbie is selected for the T32 Training Grant in Developmental & Stem Cell Biology. Congrats Bobbie!
June 2017Laurianne is awarded the Lady Tata Memorial Trust Fellowship. Congratulations Laurianne!
May 2017The first research paper of the lab is published at Cell Reports. Congratulations to the TEAM! 
Link for the article: here 
Link for commentary: here 
October 2016Effie gets the NIH Director's New Innovator award!!! Big news for the lab & big celebrations :)
See the full list of Awardees: here 
See featuring article: here 
September 2016Our first MD/PhD student is joining the lab! Welcome Bobbie!
July 2016And an even younger member arrives... Congratulations Boaz for your super cute side project!
July 2016Laurianne is joining from France for her postdoctoral research! Bienvenue Laurianne!
July 2016Effie gets awarded 2 Tri-SCI grants from the Starr Foundation together with her collaborator Kat Hadjantonakis.
June 2016Our first review paper is published in Current Stem Cell Reports. Congratulations Dafne!
Link for the article: here 
May 2016The Apostolou lab welcomes its youngest member! Congratulation Dafne for the arrival of your beautiful son!
January 2016 Peggy joins the Apostolou lab for rotation. Welcome Peggy!
December 2015 Daniel joins the group as a research technician. Welcome Daniel!
November 2015:  Dafne earns a fellowship from the Family-Friendly Postdoctoral Initiative (FFPI) of Weill Cornell Medicine. Great job!
October 2015Effie is awarded the 2016 Edward Jr Mallinckrodt Grant!
August 2015:
Dafne becomes a New York Stem Cell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow. Congratulations Dafne!
July 2015Andre is joining the group for his first rotation. Welcome Andre!
June 2015Yiyuan and Boaz are joining the lab! Welcome both!
April 2015 Effie is invited to speak at the annual AACR meeting in Philadelphia.
September 2014:
Dafne is joining the team as the first postdoc in the Apostolou group!
August 2014:
Jiexi joins her efforts with Effie to shape up an entirely empty lab space!