Selected Publications

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  • Aronson BA, Scourzic L, Shah V, Swanzey E, Polyzos A, Sinha A, Azziz A, Caspi I, Li J, Pelham-Webb B, Wichterle H, Stadtfeld M and Apostolou E. Imprinting stability of the Dlk1-Dio3 locus is controlled by active blocking of de novo methylation and demethylation. see BioRXV
  • Pelham-Webb B, Polyzos A, Wojenski L, Kloetgen A, Li J, Di Giammartino DC, Core L, Tsirigos A and Apostolou E.  Mitotic retention of H3K27 acetylation promotes rapid topological and transcriptional resetting of stem cell-related genes and enhancers upon G1 entry. see BioRXV
  • Swanzey E, McNamara TF , Apostolou E, Tahiliani M and Stadtfeld M. (2020). A susceptibility locus on chromosome 13 profoundly impacts the stability of genomic imprinting in mouse pluripotent stem cells. Cell Reports 30(11):3597-3604
  • Di Giammartino*, D.C., Kloetgen*, A., Polyzos*, A., Liu*, Y., Kim, D., Murphy, D., Abuhashem, A., Cavaliere, P., Aronson, B., Shah, V., Dephoure, N., Stadtfeld, M., Tsirigos, A., and Apostolou, E. (2019). KLF4 is involved in the organization and regulation of pluripotency-associated three-dimensional enhancer networksNature Cell Biology 21(10): 1179-1190
  • Liu, E.M., Martinez-Fundichely, A., Diaz, B., Aronson, B.E., Cuykendall, T., Dhingra, P., Wong, E., Chi, P., Apostolou, E., Sanjana, N. and Khurana, E.  Pan-cancer analysis of 1,962 whole-genomes reveals significantly mutated CTCF insulators. Cell Systems (in press)
  • Apostolou E* and Stadtfeld M. Cellular trajectories and molecular mechanisms of iPSC reprogramming. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 2019 52:77-85

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